Grönroos & Bravo are a DJ and producer duo from Stockholm, Sweden.

Members Michael Grönroos and Elias Bravo both have shared the passion for music their entire lives. Elias started out as a classically trained guitarist and drummer, and began his professional career as a multi talented live and studio musician already at the age of 15. He moved on to producing and mixing, and after having discovered his technical skills behind the decks he soon began to DJ all over Sweden, including all the legendary and fashionable night clubs in Stockholm city.

Michael began his musical journey by taking lessons on the grand piano. He soon felt limited by the classical format, and his deep interest in electronics led him to start making music with computers, synthesizers and samplers. As a songwriter and producer in various electronic acts, his productions laid the foundations for a career as a remix producer for many major acts within the electronic music scene.

While working tightly together in the IT-business, Elias and Michael found out that they had a common history and interest in music production and contemporary electronic club and house music. They started doing DJ gigs as a duo, including more and more of their own productions and remixes in each set. Finally they came to a point where music production consumed all of their time, and from late 2010 they quit all other work obligations and have since then worked professionally with music production in their own recording studio.

Grönroos & Bravo quickly gained international acclaim for their elegant productions, where their melodic club sound carries a clear legacy from their Swedish house background. They continuously remix, collaborate and write music for both established and well known acts as well as for young and upcoming artists.

Producing and performing their own material is now taking most of the duo's time as they are currently working on their upcoming artist album. We will continue to see many releases with various vocalists carrying their sign over years to come.

2012 marked another step in the Grönroos & Bravo history since they this year started running two independent record labels within the EDM music scene. Flat Six Records is the label for commercial dance and house music, while f6 Records is dedicated to the underground club scene. Both labels are releasing material from Grönroos & Bravo as well as from collaborators and signed artists.